Master Thesis at FNB

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  • Master Thesis at FNB

    Dear Students,
    We at FNB are looking for a student to work on a Master Thesis or Diplomarbeit. The topic is related to Hybrid RANS/LES in moving grids. The objective of the study is to validate the turbulence models on moving grids, implemented in our in house developed code FASTES. The work is related to flow simulations over an oscillating cylinder at Re 10,000. Experimental data and DNS data on the same case are already available for validation purposed. On objective of thesis is also to design a test case to validate new implementation of turbulence models in FASTEST. The need to validate turbulence models on moving grids is motivated from the simulation of turbulent fluid-structure interaction (FSI). FSI simulations are generally very time consuming due to coupling between two physical aspects of the problem. So testing turbulence models on FSI cases is time consuming and adds more uncertainities in form of structural modeling of the problem. A validation in moving grids would be enough to test turbulence models before application to FSI problems.

    In this context the work that needs to be done is as follows:
    Introduction to FASTEST (in-house flow solver)
    Grid Generation for cylinder flow
    Hybrid RANS/LES simulations of cylinder flow with and without oscillating cylinder

    Interest in Computational Fluid Dynamics

    P.S:Attached you can also find a pdf file outlining the motivation and objectives of the thesis.