Bachelor-/Master-Thesis: Development of vascularization channels inside a hydrogel construct using FFF of PVA (polyvinylalcohol) filaments

  • Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering promise artificial organs that could solve the lack of enough donors for organ transplantation. These artificial organs can also be powerful tools to study disease and test new drugs. The biggest challenge is to fabricate these organs in larger scale, as cells die from lack of nutrients and oxygen. To solve this, sacrificial materials –such as PVA- could be used to fabricate channels inside the hydrogel structure of the artifical organ. These channels can be connected to culture medium flow, allowing nutrients to arrive to all the cells of the organ model.

    In this project you will study the degradation kinetics of PVA and design and fabricate a network of PVA channels using FFF printing.

    The contents of the Thesis include:

    • Research on 3D-printed vascularization strategies

    • Study of degradation kinetics of PVA inside hydrogels

    • Design and fabrication of channel-network using FFF

    • Design and fabrication of junctions to fluidic circuit (plugs, pump, etc.)

    • Perfusion and diffusion tests

    • Documentation and presentation of the results

    The scope of work will be adapted to the duration of the work and the level of knowledge of the student.

    Experience in 3D printing is preferred.

    Start: from August 2022

    Language: English

    BioMedical Printing

    Technology (IDD)

    Mariana Acedo, M.Sc.

    Magdalenenstr. 2

    64289 Darmstadt

    S1|10 - 308