Aerodynamics II vs Flight Mechanics II

  • Hello!

    I am in a dilemma which of the two subjects to choose Aerodynamics II or Flight Mechanics II. I'm liking the course content of both subjects but the lecture time is clashing. So if anyone has any experiences about these two subjects or any suggestions pls let me know.

    Thanks :)

  • Hello,

    i heard the lecture flight mechnics2 last summer and made aerodynamics 2 this winter. I can definetly tell that the exam of flight mechanics 2 was more difficult than aerodynamics 2. If you wanna have a broad insight in aeronautics i would suggest flight mechanics as it has a wider variaty of content regarding the design of any airplanes. In flight mechnics you also get some basic informations on wings. Aerodynamics 2 is just focusing on the wing itself where three of the 10 lectures are only relevant for supersonic flight. I can definetly recommend both lectures.