ADP: Thermo electric Analysis of Lattice Structure

  • Dear all,

    I recently came across an exciting Advanced Design Project (ADP) from the CPS department titled "Thermoelectric Analysis of Lattice Structures." This project focuses on analyzing the thermal conductivity of various lattice structures using Ansys.

    The ADP will be conducted in three main phases:

    1. Literature Review
    2. CAD Modeling and Analysis in Ansys
    3. Report Writing and Presentation

    The project is set to begin on June 15th. Currently, we have a team of three members, including myself, but we are looking for two more participants to join us.

    If you are interested in this ADP, please email me at ASAP.

    Best regards,
    Jayesh Tank

  • Hey, this is Pratheek I would like to join you guys, as I’m doing Introduction to Structural and Solid Mechanics in Ansys from the same institute and I really like the topic.