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    As far as I remember it was weird to me and I barely passed it even tho I had the feeling of getting a good understanding. The Question have been very specific in my Opinion. Certainly you really want to learn all calculation , even tho they have not been presented in Detail. To me it felt like a lot of very detailed Knowledge was asked which imho was really unnecessary (like how to decode colors), But overall the results where not bad, so I guess it was just me who prepared wrong.

    Umm ok, so what do you suggest how should I prepare for the exam? Just concentrate on the exercises? Prepare the slides or any other source which I can use? And a bit more detail regarding the exam would be helpful.....any detail which you can possibly provide?

    Do you guys think it is going to be like 2020? Those calculations are simple but where never presented like this, or did I miss anything?

    Hey, so how was the exam? I'll be giving the exam this winter semester and even I have the same doubt as yours.