Oral Exam WiSe 22/23 (Gedächtnisprotokoll)

  • Here is my protocol from today's oral exam with all the questions I can remember.

    We were 3 students. The exam had a duration of 1 hour.

    - Definition: Digitization, Integration, Automation + 1 example for each

    - Name external and internal sources of change for the Air Transportation System

    - Why does Boeing have to predict the future?

    - Name methods to anticipate change drivers, pick one and explain it

    - How many data points are needed for a reliable forecast? (min. 8 or 9 would be good)

    - Is there a method to predict something like Covid? (Answer: PESTLE could work)

    - Should you prepare for something like Covid?

    - What European vision do we have in aviation? (Answer: SESAR)

    - Explain SESAR

    - Definition Autonomous Aircraft (AA)

    - What are Increasingly Autonomous Systems?

    - What are opportunities of AA?

    - What costs would be affected?

    - Explain the concept along the way

    - How would we use Ground Stations? (Answer: command or support)

    - Would it be economic if 1 Ground Controller commands 1 Aircraft?

    --> No. 1:n problem. 1:10 would be a good number.

    - How did the role of the pilot shift?

    - What are the potential tasks of a Mission Manager?

    - Definition: Automation vs. Autonomy

    - Example for Automation in Aviation (e.g., Autopilot)

    - What is Situation Awareness?

    - Error of Omission and Error of Commission

    - How could Airlines benefit from new cabin designs?

    - What is the touchless passenger?

    - How could airports benefit from that?

    - Main challenge for future airports

    - Do all airports have this problem? (No, small airports like Kassel not)

    - How can we solve the capacity problem? (one example for airside, one for landside)

    - What are the major airport revenues?

    - Picture of Frankfurt Terminal 3: Describe.

    - What is the purpose (low cost carrier vs. mainline)?

    --> The terminal was planned a long time ago where it was not clear how the air transportation system will develop. Therefore, there are 4 A380 stands (which is not typical for low cost carriers). But, it is not well connected (8 min with Skytrain, no direct connection to Frankfurt downtown), which would be an indication for low cost carrier. Therefore, it is something in between.

    - What is intermodal connectivity? (complement vs. alternate to air transport)

    - Is there a conflict between the goals of SESAR and the business model of airports?

    --> Yes. SESAR aims to increase efficiency, decongest airports etc. while airports want the passengers to spend time and money at the airport.

    - Who are the stakeholders of SESAR?

    - What are Initial 4D Trajectories?

    - How would you expect to travel in the year 2080

    a) a distance of 100 km (e.g., PAV)

    b) 500 km (e.g., High speed train)

    c) 5000 km? (e.g., Aircraft using SAF or Hydrogen as powersource)

  • Do you know a complete answer for "Why does Boeing have to predict the future?". Other than having a crisis in near present, I don't have any other concrete asnwers for this.

  • Maybe something like: Aircraft design and construction is a very long term task, takes about 15 years. So you have to develop an airplane that will serve the needs of the market in 15 years. And therfore you need to predict how the market will look like in 15 years.