Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis: Development of a demand model for air taxi flights in urban areas

  • Background:

    Do you like the idea of shaping the future of mobility? Join us at the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control (FSR) in cooperation with Boeing Global Services (BGS)! In a research cooperation, we work on mission and fleet management concepts for the operation of Personal Air Vehicles (PAV) in the context of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). UAM is envisaged to provide a revolutionary mode of transportation, especially in congested metropolitan areas. The development of concepts for UAM operations requires information about the expected passenger demand. Your aim in this thesis will be the creation of a demand model for UAM, which is of high value for research and industry.

    Work statement:

    The first step will cover research on demand prediction methods (e.g. probabilistic models, convolutional neural networks, etc.). Existing work in the area of UAM, as well as from other areas of mobility research, can be used. Due to the lack of historical data, the definition of assumptions plays a centrale role. Based on this, a demand prediction model is to be implemented for a suitable example area. The thesis closes with a comprehensive documentation and presentation of the results.


    • Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering, Aero Space, CE, Industrial Engineering or similar
    • Strong background in information technology, data management and aviation desired
    • Coding skills beneficial, e.g. Python or a similar language
    • Beneficial lectures: Future Air Transportation Systems, Global Air Transportation Systems


    • Getting familiar with the topic, research and evaluation of applicable models and methods
    • Definition influence factors and assumptions
    • Implementation and testing a UAM demand model
    • Critical evaluation of the results
    • Documentation and presentation of the results