ADP: Creation of a Urban Air Mobility favorability heatmap

  • Background:

    Are you excited about the future of Air travel? Join the research collaboration between the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control (FSR) and Boeing Global Services (BGS). Urban Air Mobility is set to become a reality in the upcoming years. New technologies like electric propulsion applied to vertical take-off and landing aircraft are making this possible. Although the technology is there, we need to evaluate where it is deployable.

    Work statement:

    In this project, your first task is to design a new index to describe UAM favourability in certain regions around the world. You will decide on the data categories required to create the index and source the respective data. Next, you will create a framework for data visualization and show the data in a captivating heatmap, to create an insightful perspective on the future of air transportation.


    • Currently enrolled in Master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering, Aero Space, CE, Computer Science or similar
    • Strong interest in the business aspects of future air mobility
    • Experience with visualization in Python or R
    • Beneficial lectures : Future Air Transportation Systems, Global Air Transportation Systems


    • Design a UAM suitability index
    • Define data points required for calculating the UAM suitability index & identify adequate sources of this data
    • Create a heatmap framework in R/Python
    • Map and visualize the collected data using the suitability index


    Start according to agreement


    Jan Kleikemper, M. Sc.

    Room L101-566