Questions from Oral Exam WiSe 2023/2024

  • Oral exam in a group of 3 students. Each students get their own questions. Only in rare cases a student is asked to help another student answering their question. The prof tries to help you as much as possible to answer. The questions are straight foreward and most of the are very similar to the Repititorium.

    Visiting the lecture is not neccessary to get a good grade. The script is self explanetory and very detailed. You can expect a good grade if you are able to answer all questions from the repititorium. In the repititiorium lecture the most imported parts are highlighted for the exam so the parcipitation is highly recomended.

    The following questions were asked in this years oral exam:

    - Address and characterize the most important four coordinate systems used in the inertial navigation

    - Explain between which Coordinate Systems are the accelerations measured

    - How are accelerations measured? --> Forces are measured (F = m * a)

    - What is the difference between mechanical and analytical Platform

    - Regarding analytical Platform: Why is dual use of the sensors from a strapdown system not possible?

    - Explain the functional principle of an inertial navigation system INS, compare with Dead Reckoning

    - Draw the block diagram of a strapdown navigation system

    - Draw the block diagram for the vertical channel aiding

    - Explain pole placement for vertical channel aiding

    - Draw the Integrating A/D conversion of an accelerometer

    - How is the velocity determined with the integrating A/D converter

    - How many internal states has to be initialized in the INS?

    - Whats the purpose of the INS inital alignment?

    - Explain the two phases of the inital alignment

    - Describe the basic Flight Management System design

    - Draw a example for a flight plan

    - Explain STAR and SID

    - Draw the entire control loop hierarchy of an aircraft as a block diagram

    - What ist ETA and RTA

    - Explain cost index and draw a example diagram for it

    - Describe the operation of navigation mode IRS + Radio update (open loop concept) and draw the corrosponding block diagram

    - Explain the discussed example for Map Shifts from Chapter 9

    - How does the distance error changes when a Navaid is offset over time passing the Navaid from different directions?