ADP: Design of a Dual-Battery System for BEV

  • In the DaCCCar (Darmstadt Circular Changeable Car) project, we are focusing on vehicle concepts for longevity. An alternative battery concept consisting of two batteries with different characteristics can be a solution for a longer lifetime of the vehicle itself. The derivation of requirements and the development of the battery concept are key for further evaluation.

    Task description

    • Conceptualization of a dual-battery system according to the FZD research vision for sustainable premium cars

    Task details

    • Research literature on battery technologies and relevant design parameters for vehicle batteries
    • Definition of a reference scenario for testing
    • Definition of safety, durability and assembly requirements for a dual-battery system
    • Concept development including selection of key battery parameters (e.g.chemistry, capacity, C-rate, cost, weight)
    • Virtual design of the dual-battery system
    • Discussion of advantages and disadvantages of the approach and the results

    NOTICE: All projects and theses at FZD can be done in English or German, as prefered.

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