External Project Work for Aerospace Engineering Students (Externe Projektarbeit für Studenten von Aerospace Engineering)

  • I have two questions about the External Project Work for MSc Aerospace Engineering students:

    1. What kind of position is considered "Aerospace Engineering"? (As we need at least one ADP/EPW to be under AE subject group) For example, is doing administrative work in an aerospace company considered? How about aerodynamic simulation in an automotive company? How about an internship in a consulting company which has clients in the aerospace industry?

    2. Can you recommend a company/some companies, in which you or someone you know have successfully done an internship and registered it as EPW?

    I think this will benefit non-AE students too, that's why I decided to post the questions here. Hope everyone has a great learning journey!

    Ich habe zwei Frage über Externe Projectarbeit für Studenten von Aerospace Engineering:

    1. Welche Art von Position wird als "Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik" betrachtet? (Da wir mindestens einen ADP/EPA benötigen, das unter die AE-Fachgruppe fällt) Z.B. Verwaltungsarbeit in einem Luft- und Raumfahrtunternehmen? Wie sieht es mit aerodynamischer Simulation in einem Automobilunternehmen aus? Ein Praktikum in einem Beratungsunternehmen, das Kunden aus der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie hat?

    2. Können Sie ein oder mehrere Unternehmen empfehlen, in denen Sie oder jemand, den Sie kennen, erfolgreich ein Praktikum absolviert und es als EPA registriert hat?

    Ich denke, dass dies auch für Nicht-AE-Studenten von Nutzen sein wird, deshalb habe ich beschlossen, die Fragen hier zu stellen. Ich hoffe, ihr habt alle eine tolle Lernreise!

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    1. In my understanding, the activity itself must be related to Aerospace. Accordingly the industry segment of the company ist secondary. A classic administrative activity would probably not be recognized, even if it's completed in an AE company. Aerodynamic simulations on the other hand, have a clear reference to the study. I would base my internship search on the module contents. As long as you have points of contact there, the recognition should be no problem. In any case the training objectives on the recognition form must be fulfilled. If you are too unsure about the content, i would recommend to contact the MechCenter - they'll help you with specific questions, since I can only tell my personal opinion.
    2. The Fsmb maintains an list in which various companies are listed, where internships have been completed. I did an internship in the chemical industry an had successfully recognized it as an External Projectwork. Since the EPW ist nearly equivalent to a normal 3-month internship and many companies don't know about the EPW, I applied as a "normal" intern and would recommend this to others too.