Management of Engineering Design

  • Hi, leider gibt es noch keinen angelegten Kurs für dieses Fach hier im Forum.

    Möchten eventuell Studierende, die die Prüfung in dem Fach bereits letztes Jahr abgelegt haben, Ihre Erfahrungen hier teilen?

    Wie lief die Prüfung genau ab, wurden auf gewisse Themen ein Schwerpunkte gelegt?

    Vielen Dank im voraus!

  • Hi there everyone looking for the information: (will write in Eng since this module takes place in Eng)

    I took the exam yesterday(08.02.2024) and want to share my experience since I was also frustrated preparing for the exam without any info.

    In a nutshell: Recommendable. Fairly organized.

    * Lecture:

    The whole lecture took place hybrid (on-site + Zoom) but due to the internship, I couldn't attend all the lectures.

    Yet, it's doable to study alone chiefly if you have taken courses from PTW. You will find that some concepts are familiar. (e.g. Lean Engineering, V-Model, FMEA)

    Recommend taking lectures though, because participating in the 'task of the week' exercise will help you a lot to prepare for the exam. (will explain later more)

    Also, some concepts might need further explanation for understanding.


    The exam took place via Zoom in a relaxed atmosphere. 2 Students will be invited together in a group.

    I was too nervous at first and answered a bit fuzzy & slightly went off-topic, but the professor waited for me and I could get relaxed and confident at the end of the exam.

    The professor takes turns asking questions to two students. - e.g. Ch.2 to Student A and then Ch.3 to Student B and so on...

    Each time(theme) it takes ca. 10 minutes including answers. No paper or pen is needed.

    You should well know about the key concepts and can explain them from scratch. - e.g. Could you explain about @@@ model?

    Once you finish elaborating on the concept, then come the follow-up questions - e.g. You mentioned ***. Could you explain why it's important?

    Sometimes you have to improvise examples regarding the topic - e.g. Imagine you are running a (e-scooter) business. How are you gonna apply (the concept) to this business? (This can vary a lot)

    A specific product will be given - that is not complicated at all - and you will be constantly asked to come up with examples related to almost every concept/topic. Because of this, I recommend you to walk through every 'The task of the week' exercise and try it by yourself, not only memorizing the written words without understanding. But the questions can be asked with any topic. Don't focus too much only on the exercise topics.

    The questions were fair and the professor didn't dwell on the topic that you couldn't answer confidently. :)

    Even though I answered one or two questions slightly fuzzy, the professor liked other parts of my answers/examples and got a pretty good score.

    She tells you which point you answered well and what she liked.

    Hope this could be a help.