UT1 oder Energiesysteme

  • Hi Zusammen,

    ich möchte Energiesysteme oder Umformtechnik 1 belegen.

    Welches der Fächer hat ein besseres Lern/Aufwand - Notenverhältnis.
    Finde beide ähnlich interessant und möchte nun das Modul wählen, das mit weniger Aufwand eine bessere Note möglich macht :)

    Danke schonmal!

  • Hi
    I cannot say about Energiesysteme but I have done UT1. The lectures were very interesting, there are a lot of old questions here in the Forum and the possible questions to be asked in the exam are mostly the same every year. If you answer them and make a mind map, you're good to go.

    - 1,5 to 2 weeks of learning (full time) is enough for 1,0

    - 2 weeks of learning (part time) is enough for 2,0 (depends also on how much time you take to learn)

    There is a not obligatory Übung, which is also very interesting, and gives you a bonus of 0,3 in the exam, it is not obligatory. You have to make a small presentation (5 min) and there you get +0,3.

    If you cannot answer the questions right away, the Prof sort of guides your thought until you're able to answer (or not :D). He is patient and makes the exam environment calm.

    I hope I could help