Assistance Needed: Lost Fiktionsbescheinigung During Travel (lost in India, outside Europe)

  • Hello,

    I am writing to seek your guidance and assistance regarding a recent incident during my travel to India. Unfortunately, I misplaced my Fiktionsbescheinigung while in Delhi.

    I have already taken several steps to address this issue, including filing a complaint and reaching out to both the Ausländerbehörde and the German Consulate in India. However, the solutions provided thus far, such as obtaining a re-entry visa, present challenges due to the absence of an APS certificate.

    As a graduate student in Aerospace Engineering, the loss of this document has created an urgent need for resolution. I am reaching out to explore any alternate solutions or suggestions you may have to expedite the process or alleviate the current hurdles.

    Your guidance and support in this matter would be immensely appreciated. Please advise on any further steps I can take to rectify this situation promptly.

    Thank you for your attention and assistance.

    Best regards,

    Prasanth Nammi

  • first, i am no expert and dont know the specifics about the issue. so i can only give you general guidance according to what i read regarding the matter.

    you have to adress to the "Ausländerbehörde" which issued the "Fiktionsbescheinigung" and tell them that you lost it. also i dont think you are supposed to leave the state/the country until u got a decision regarding your "Aufenthaltstitel". u risk that u cant reenter Germany .As a matter of fact are you in India right now?

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  • Thank you for your message. Yes, I am currently in India, and lost my "Fiktionsbescheinigung" in India. I did contact the "Ausländerbehörde" but they are of no help, they said to contact the German consulate in India. As for leaving the country without the "Aufenthaltstitel" I have an appointment for the renewal of "Aufenthaltstitel" along with "Fiktionsbescheinigung".

  • u can also try asking the Indian consulate in Germany. maybe they can help. Also u can consult your airline about what travel document they require. The German consulate in India can issue after consulation with your "Ausländerbehörde" a fee-based "consulate certificate" which allows u to reenter Germany. I know a friend from india who waited more than 3 months for a tourist visa for germany. in the end they forgot to notify him. so keep pestering the german consulat in india to press your case.

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  • I would recommend you to fax the Ausländerbehörde, with this they are obligatory to answer very rush and they should send any verification to the german embaysy in India, which has to provide you a kind of replacement document.

    Good luck